How To add Vcc in Paypal

Adding a virtual credit card, or VCC to your PayPal account is simple and follows the same procedure as regular credit and debit cards.
  1. Navigate to your wallet tab in PayPal. You can do so by either clicking the link to the left or by finding this button in your PayPal account dashboard: .
  1. Click the link a card button. You can skip step 1 and go to this step directly by clicking the link or after going through step 1 find a button that says “link a card” or “connect card”: 
  1. Fill in the card details, choose the card type and select your billing address.
  1.  After adding your card go to your wallet page again, click on the card, under it you should see a “confirm your card” button. Click on it and follow the instructions.
  1.  Contact us to get your 4 digit verification code.
Congratulations, your account is now verified! 
If you were not able to find these buttons, or the links are not working for you, or PayPal’s interface looks different, we suggest looking around your current dashboard for words like “verify your account” or “add a card” or “sending and withdrawal limits”. By going through any of these pages you should be able to find a link to attach a card to PayPal. After that you can follow the same steps as in the guide above.