1: What is a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) & Virtual Bank Account (VBA)?

Answer: A Virtual Credit Card (VCC) is a prepaid card that works like a real credit card. It could be used at websites, online merchants, internet shops, and web stores over the internet where payment by credit card is accepted. this card works with any Name and Address.
A Virtual Bank Account (VBA) is a US Bank account number works like a real bank account. This VBA one time use for US PayPal Verification purpose only. This bank works with any name and address on USA PayPal.

2: How will I get PayPal transaction code?

Answer: You will receive PayPal transaction code instantly when you add card in your PayPal. You have to contact us for code. Get Code!
Contact Email:  info@Settleaccounts.com

3: Ready PayPal/Gvoice/Gmail/Yahoo/Facebook account are old or new?

Answer: We have not available stock Aged/old account. Now we offer all new and fresh account.